My Boy Aidan - My Driving Force!

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Hi to all of Aidan's supporters and friends. Thank you all for your ongoing support and words of encouragement.
For those who aren't familiar with our story, at 18 months Aidan was diagnosed with Costello Syndrome.
I need to scan his tummy every 3 months for abdominal tumours which could be cancerous, he has a thickened left ventrical wall in his heart and he also, up until May this year had something called Culcaneo Vulgus feet which caused him to walk on the inside of his ankles. He has had severe feeding challenges since birth and still today at age 6 drinks a part pureed diet out of a bottle.

Thankfully, he is as bright as the sun both mentally and within his beautiful soul... but with these medical challenges come extra costs (about R30 - 35000 per month) that most parents will never have to worry themselves with. I don't pity myself as his mother, in fact it has given me a sense of what I was put on this earth to accomplish. A purpose far beyond that which I thought I was capable of when I was younger. I've grieved yes, but now I know it was for something greater than myself.

In May this year, Aidan went in for a 3 hour operation on both his feet. I'll spare the technical details, but he was in casts for 6 weeks and unable to walk for 8 to 9 weeks in total. It's only now as we are getting to the end of the year, have I realised how physically and emotionally drained I have been after dealing full time with his recovery. And because of ME being so drained, my ability to generate the R35 000 per month with the Raising Aidan business ofcourse had to take a side line. Unless I sell CupCake Mix, the business is not bringing in income, and it was a stark reality check for me to ensure that I build a business that can run on its own whether I am physically in it or not.

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